Stephen Wong Chun Hei (Photo)
Stephen Wong Chun Hei, Artist
Stephen Wong Chun Hei received his BA in Fine Arts from the Fine Art Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008, and had since focused on landscape painting in his artistic practice. While Wong began painting sceneries from the virtual world of video games, he's been increasingly drawn to paint en plein air in the very setting of the natural landscapes and elements which he'd project on his canvas, as part of his personal exploration and pursuit of another level of "reality". Wong's works have been widely shown in solo and selected group exhibitions including "Step Back to Nature" (Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong, 2014), "Someone Bending the Machine: An exhibition responding to the artworks of Chow Chun Fai" (Hong Kong, 2011) and START Art Fair (Galerie Ora-Ora, London, 2014). His work has been collected by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Private Banking and other private collectors.

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