Colin Seah (Photo)
Colin Seah, Architect
As Founder and Director of Ministry of Design (MOD), Colin Seah was architecturally trained in the U.S., licensed in Singapore, and has honed his sensibilities working for the likes of Rem Koolhaas and Daniel Libeskind. Established in 2004 as an integrated experiential-design practice, MOD seeks to question where the inherent potential in contemporary design lies, and disturb the ways they are created or perceived, enabling them to redefine the world in relevant and innovative ways to bring about a real change, not change for the sake of novelty. Each project begins with drawing deeply from the surrounding context, but also dreaming freely to transcend mere reality and convention, to create delightfully surprising yet relevant, distinctly local but still globally appealing works. MOD's explorations are created amidst a democratic ‘studio-like’ atmosphere and progress seamlessly between form, site, object and space. Their work has received critical acclaim with awards such as Designer of the Year by the International Design Awards (USA, 2010), Rising Star of Architecture (Monocle Singapore Survey, 2010), Gold Key Award Grand Prize Winner (USA, 2008), and President’s Design Award (Singapore, 2006 & 2008).

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