Pewan Chow (Photo)
Pewan Chow, Choreographer
Pewan Chow is Artistic Director of Passoverdance and choreographer for the first dance piece Xin Xiang in "Hope Beneath the Rubble". Chow received her MA in Choreography from Laban Centre, London, in 2003. She is among the first generation of BFA graduates in dance from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). After graduation in 1988, she was awarded a scholarship to the London Contemporary Dance School to further concentrate on choreography and performance. In 1991, she returned to Hong Kong and joined the modern dance faculty at the HKAPA full-time where she taught till 2006. As an independent choreographer and performer, she has performed and created works with companies locally and overseas. In 1993, she found Passoverdance and has been its Artistic Director since. She received the 2010 and 2013 Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance for the Passoverdance production of Homecoming and Maze, respectively.
Antoinette Mak, Dancer
Antoinette Mak is Rehearsal Mistress of Passoverdance, and one of the dancers for the first dance piece Xin Xiang in "Hope Beneath the Rubble". Antoinette Mak graduated from the school of dance of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 1988, and received the outstanding student award in the same year. She was a member of CCDC and the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan where she performed works with Helen Lai, Susan Deihim, Willy Tsao, Chiang Ching, and Lin Hwai-min. Mak has toured internationally to mainland China, Japan, the Philippines, Europe, Canada and the United States. Mak has been working with different artists and performing groups including Kung Chi-shing, Rosaline Newman, Aaron Wan, Theatre Fanatico, Three Colours, DanceArt Hong Kong, Manna Dance, and Open Daily. She is currently a part-time lecturer at the HKAPA.
PC Sei, Technical Co-ordinator
PC Sei received his degree in graphic design from CO1 School of Visual Arts. Sei follows Leo Burnett’s mantra: “Great advertising and design ideas are always deceptively and disarmingly simple. They are touching without being patronizing.” He works with all kinds of performance entities as a freelance lighting designer, while workig on set designs and stage management. He is also a visiting lecturer at the City University of Hong Kong.
Airi Suzuki, Choreographer & Dancer (Photo)
Airi Suzuki, Choreographer & Dancer
Airi Suzuki is performing the second dance piece in "Hope Beneath the Rubble". Suzuki is a Tokyo-based dancer, choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance. She studied modern dance and ballet at Limon Institute and Peridance Center in New York. After graduation, she moved to Berlin and worked with various types of artists. From 2009, she works with Perrine Valli Dance Company in Paris, and has performed at dance festivals, such as Tanz im August Berlin, M1 Festival Singapore, and Nyon dance festival in Switzerland. She has been choreographing and presenting new dance works through national residencies in many different places in the world, such as FACETS dance residency at Attakkalari Dance Biennale India, and Langion Art Festival Indonesia.
Amy Wong Wai Har, Costume Designer
Amy Wong graduated from the Faculty of Arts in the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Literature and Art History, in 1986 before completing her studies in Textile and Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1999. Wong set up a design studio working on individual design commissions as well as her own design label "amy'c" in 2007. She has participated in cross-media works in recent years, including designing in response to writer Leung Ping Kwan/Yasi's Paper Cuts in 2012 and poetry series Lotus Leaf in 2014.
Rebecca Wong, Dancer
Rebecca Wong is one of the dancers for the first dance piece Xin Xiang in "Hope Beneath the Rubble". Wong graduated from the HKAPA with First Honors in Modern Dance in 2003. In the same year, she was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund–Dance scholarship to further her studies at the Laban Centre where she was awarded the Graduate Diploma in Performance in 2004. Wong founded the Keep Moving Dance Theater in 2012. Wong is very active in the local dance community having worked with various well-known choreographers, artists and companies both locally and internationally including Bode Lawal, City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), Hong Kong Arts Festival, 3Ami, HKAPA, Dance Art, E-side Dance Company, Y-space, Unlock Dancing Plaza, MuseMotion, Off the Ground, ABA productions and the Sakoba Dance Theatre. Since 2009, Wong had choreographed pieces including "Hits or Miss, You Are Special" and "Right Here Right Now, I am here". In 2013, she presented her work "A Hollowed Mind" with CCDC.
Sze-ling Wong, Dancer
Sze-ling Wong is one of the dancers for the first dance piece Xin Xiang in "Hope Beneath the Rubble". Wong graduated from the HKAPA, majoring in modern dance. During her study, she was awarded City Contemporary Dance Company Scholarship. She has performed in many production including "Blind Dates", "Butterfly Effect", "We Are Not Strangers", "Green Dance" and "Tea Break" with DanceArt. She appeared in Passoverdance's production "Maze", "Xin Xiang" in Hong Kong and International Dance Festival "Tari'2005", as well as in "Shares Journey" at Beijing Art Summit Forum; "Embrace" with the Hong Kong Dance Company's 8/F Platform; "The Mocking Bird" with Bruce Wong; "Calling of the Wrong Love" & "Fluctuation" in The Emerging Choreographers Series of the Hong Kong Dance Alliance; "Eternity is..." with Off The Ground ; "Keep In Touch" with Biuguk; Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010 "Free Dance" represented by DanceArt. She choreographed "Overdue" for DanceArt White Box Theater and "A Space for Dialogue" for "Sky'2011" at Kuandu Arts Festival in Taipei. Currently, she is a freelance dancer, dance tutor and choraographer.

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