Hidy Ng (Photo)
Hidy Ng, Fashion Designer
Hidy Ng is Hong Kong's veteran designer who started her career in fashion design as a colour coordinator and knitwear designer of high fashion. In 1992, Ng's experience and vision enabled her to take on the post of Chief Designer at Co-Wear International Ltd., one of Hong Kong's well-established knitwear manufacturers. In 1994, Ng was awarded International Fashion Editors' Best Collection Award and awarded "Overall Winner" at the 2002 New Fashion Award Show, which led to wide recognition of her work, in which her ready-to-wear collection attracted many local and international celebrities for its edge in design, materials and meticulous detailing. Ng's design philosophy is based on an amalgamation of art and timeless fashion pieces - each a showpiece on its own, with simple silhouettes and great attention to detail and the use of luxurious fabrication.

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