Evelyna Liang-Kan Yee Woo, Artist  (Photo)
Evelyna Liang-Kan Yee Woo, Artist
For the past 40 years as artist, art educator and community art facilitator, Evelyna Liang-Kan has pioneered community art - using art to help the needy and underprivileged communities - in Hong Kong, China and Asia. It began with “Art in the Camp” project in the late 1980s that brought various art activities in the Vietnamese detention Camp, followed by many more initiatives including: establishing "Art in Hospital" in 1994 that led to therapeutic arts projects to enhance relationships between healthcare personnel, social services, staff, patients and artists; “Art for All” in 2002 that aims to use art as means of empowerment for a more harmonious inclusive society; developing arts programme in schools for migrant workers' children in Beijing; and using therapeutic expressive art forms for communities in post- earthquake zones in Sichuan, and amongst elderly and Alzheimer patients. She was also Founder of "Garden Streams – Hong Kong Fellowship of Christian Artists" in the 1980s. As an artist, Liang-Kan's works have been exhibited around Hong Kong and Asia, including Bandages for You: An Art Project at the Gwangju Biennial and Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2002 and To copy or to steal, or is it merely artwork? at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards in 2009. Liang-Kan's personal works addresses her interests in women's issues, and the area of 'Healing through Art’ - using ordinary daily objects to raise concerns on the relationship between men and countries. She received her BA (Fine Art) at the University of British Columbia, as well as MFA and DFA from RMIT University.

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